Airport Road, September 17, 2015 – Commencing October 3, 2015 WINAIR will offer additional scheduled service utilizing ATR 500 aircraft with two flights per week on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s:
Guadeloupe (PTP) 8.30AM – Dominica (DOM) 9.30AM– 10.30AM St. Maarten (SXM)
St. Maarten (SXM) 15.45PM – Dominica (DOM) 16.45PM – 17.45PM Guadeloupe (PTP)

With these flights WINAIR offers additional service combined with our DHC 600 Twin Otter flights to Canefield Airport in Dominica 5 times per week until October 25, 2015.
In November, 2015 WINAIR will resume its normal schedule with the ATR 500 aircraft four times a week.

For reservations customers can contact WINAIR reservations department in St. Maarten: +1 721 545 4237 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the WINAIR agent in Dominica Witchurch travel, Old St, Box 771, Roseau, 767-448-2181 - 767-448-0111 - 767-448-5787. Customers may also call their favorite travel agent.

Airport Road, October 19, 2015 – WINAIR is excited to announce that we will further enhance and increase our winter 2015/2016 schedule. WINAIR will increase frequency of flights to St. Kitts, Nevis and Tortola, and add new destinations San Juan and Antigua to our route network!

In our winter 2015/2016 schedule WINAIR has ensured optimal connection times to all our code-share and interline partners Air France,KLM, Air Caraibes, Cors Air, United, Liat, Copa, Pawa, Caribbean Airlines, Insel Air, Etc.
And as part of our commitment to provide scheduled and charter services WINAIR is pleased to have acquired a 5th DHC 6-300 aircraft, which will expand our fleet and charter business within the north-eastern Caribbean. With this WINAIR is ensuring safety, comfort and increased availability for charters.

Tortola BVI pictureTortola, BVI.
Commencing October 25, 2015 WINAIR will resume its daily operation to Tortola and effective December 15, 2015 increase flights to Tortola, by adding a midday flight, 6 frequencies per week, which are timed to connect to our partners, ensuring connectivity for our customers.




St.Kitts & Nevis pictureSt. Kitts / Nevis.
Commencing November 30, 2015 to increase seat capacity WINAIR will split the combined flights to St. Kitts and Nevis to direct flights. These flights will operate 5 times weekly and for the remaining 2 days will be combined flights. In conjunction with this commencing December 11, 2015, WINAIR will add a daily midday frequency from St. Maarten to St. Kitts and Nevis to enhance connections to Air France and our other interline partners.


San Juan pictureSan Juan, Puerto Rico.
November 28, 2015 WINAIR and our partner Air Antilles will commence service to San Juan, Puerto Rico utilizing ATR 500 aircraft. The flights will depart St. Maarten to San Juan at 11.30am and San Juan to St. Maarten at 2.30pm. This offers convenient connections to WINAIR’s route network.




Antigua.Antigua picture

December 15, 2015 WINAIR will add Antigua to our destinations with a daily service, 7 days a week. Flights will depart St. Maarten to Antigua at 7.30am and Antigua to St. Maarten at 9.45am, offering convenient connections to WINAIR’s route network.





Dominica pictureThis hurricane season Dominica suffered from Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Erika. Douglas Charles Airport sustained serious facility damage. In a successful effort to help accommodate and support the people of Dominica WINAIR was able to offer service to Dominica’s Canefield Airport with our DHC 6-300 Twin otter aircraft. This service is scheduled until October 25, 2015.
Dominica has worked relentlessly to repair damage to Douglas Charles Airport as quick as possible and WINAIR is happy to return there utilizing ATR 500 aircraft as of October 3, 2015 2x weekly on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.
Commencing November 8, 2015 WINAIR will resume the normal schedule (4x weekly; Mo,We,Sa,Su)

And for the remainder of our destinations the frequencies are unchanged:

  • St.Maarten – St.Barth – St.Maarten            22 daily frequencies
  • St.Maarten – Saba - St.Maarten                  4 daily frequencies
  • St.Maarten – St. Eustatius - St.Maarten     4 daily frequencies

Airport Road, November 23, 2015 – On November 20th 2015, First Officer Mr. Justyn Browne officially promoted to Captain. A great achievement for this young aspiring pilot, who has been on the WINAIR team for almost 4 years now. Justyn is a testament of our motto: "WINAIR does not hire first officers, we only hire future Captains".

Captain Browne welcomes WINAIR's CEO and President Mr. Michael Cleaver on his flight from Nevis to St. Maarten the very next day. Mr. Cleaver : " We all at WINAIR are extremely happy and pleased with Justyn's promotion"

Airport Road, November 13, 2015 – On November 11th 2015, following the commemoration of the WWI armistice, its fallen soldiers, and all those who fought for the freedom of France and its citizens, the Collectivite of St.Barthelemy organized a special event to honor aviation pioneers who were invaluable in their contribution to the development of the island. Pioneers such as José Dormoy, Remy deHaenen and so many others including non aeronautical who are no longer with us that played an immense role throughout history were evoked in the President Bruo Magras’ introductory speech.

Capt. Faustin Ledee was the first St.Barth native to obtain a pilots license, while Capt. Gréaux was the founding member of Windward Islands Airways International (WINAIR) N.V. bringing Capt. Ledee and Mr. Chester Wathey on board that venture. Winair has since then ensured quick and safe access to St.Barths and helped it gain its position in the high end travel market that it enjoys today. The benefits of which we can see every year with the multitude of private jets and megayachts that come through the SXM Airport and marina bases in St.Maarten.

Capt. Paul Wykander ensured connectivity between St.Thomas and St.Barth as many St.Barth people had migrated to the USVI for economic reasons in those days, and had a need to travel back and forth. Capt. Wykander founded Virgin Air that eventually became St.Thomas air and he flew this airline for well over 40 years having retired only recently. Interestingly, Capt. Wykander was the only pilot to have landed a DC-3 for the first and last time in St.Barth, apparently this feat was done on a wager……

Front left to right: Capt. Georges Gréaux, Capt. Paul Wykander, Capt. Faustin Ledee
Standing: President of the COM of St.Barthelemy Mr. Bruno Magras

Airport Road, January 23, 2016 – WINAIR has successfully added three new destinations to the winter 2015/2016 schedule. In addition WINAIR has increased frequencies of flights to St. Kitts, Nevis and Tortola.


January 19th, 2016 WINAIR commenced scheduled service to Antigua, providing easy connection to the UK and Europe from St. Maarten, Nevis and St. Kitts.

Route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM - ANU Tue, Thu 2.25pm 4.10pm
SKB - ANU Tue, Thu 3.10pm 4.10pm
NEV - ANU Tue, Thu 3.40pm  4.10pm
ANU - SKB Tue, Thu 5.25pm 5.55pm
ANU - NEV Tue, Thu 5.25pm 6.25pm


Route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM - ANU Sun 3.50pm 5.35pm
SKB - ANU Sun 4.35pm 5.35pm
NEV - ANU Sun 5.05pm 5.35pm
ANU - SKB Sun 6.00pm 6.30pm
ANU - NEV Sun 6.00pm 7.00pm


Canefield, Dominica.

Following WINAIR’s temporary service to Canefield, Dominica with their Twin Otters WINAIR has started scheduled service to Canefield, Dominica (DCF) three times a week. The response both in St. Maarten and Dominica has been positive, since in contrast to Douglas Charles Airport (DOM), Canefield is 5 minutes away from the centre of capital Roseau. The convenience this scheduled service now offers those who are traveling to Dominica's capital Roseau additional choices.
Combined with the scheduled ATR service to Douglas Charles airport WINAIR continues to offer daily service to the Island Dominica!
Schedule as of January 7, 2016:

Route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM - DCF Tue, Thu, Fri 7.30am 9.00am
DCF - SXM Tue, Thu, Fri 9.30am 11.00am


San Juan, Puerto Rico.

November 28, 2015 WINAIR and our partner Air Antilles commenced service to San Juan, Puerto Rico utilizing ATR 500 aircraft. The flights depart St. Maarten to San Juan at 11.30am and San Juan to St. Maarten at 2.30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This offers convenient connections to WINAIR’s route network.

For booking information please contact your favorite travel agent or here book online!

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