Airport Road, October 11, 2016 – Winair has teamed up with the Positive Foundation in their breast cancer awareness efforts to make St. Maarten and other Winair destinations more conscious that early detection is the key and is still the best protection in the fight against breast cancer and saving lives. “Winair is proud to partner with the Positive Foundation to assist in building this awareness and Winair will show their support in several ways”, says President and CEO Michael Cleaver.

This year Winair joined the Pink Parade with 30+ employees proudly and enthusiastically walking behind the Pink Winair banner.

Winair’s pilots will be wearing pink epaulettes during the month of October. Every pilot takes a lot of pride in wearing their epaulettes, which they have earned the right to wear through dedication and hard work. It is with that same pride that they support breast cancer awareness and research by wearing pink epaulettes for a month.

While #FlyPink is a global aviation industry initiative to support organizations around the world that provide research for breast cancer and help save lives, Winair has taken the #FlyPink initiative even higher. Not only will the pilots be wearing pink, all Winair aircraft are outfitted with Pink Ribbons on the fuselage with the intention not only to create awareness on St. Maarten but all other destinations Winair flies.

Lastly Winair has provided the Positive Foundation with ticket vouchers to be used as incentives to the events. So check out the calendar of events, participate and win both the fight against breast cancer and also Winair tickets!

As long as people are still being diagnosed with 3rd or 4th stage breast cancer, the President of the Positive Foundation, Shelly Alphonso sees the need to continue the “Be Breast Aware” movement with a call to action to “Find it, Feel it, Fight it!” - creating a future where early detection is the norm. The Positive Foundation is grateful that Winair has taken this bold move.

In  the picture: employees of Winair, PJIAE and members of the Positive Foundation, Elektralytes Foundation and the Pink Faces  gathered together last week Tuesday October 4 during a joined unveiling moment of the ribbons on the Winair Aircraft and the pink banners at PJIAE.

Airport road, Simpson Bay - With immediate effect, The Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices will NOT be permitted in checked or carry-on baggage and may not be carried on-board any Winair Flight. Customers travelling with this device will not be permitted to travel. The phones also cannot be shipped as air cargo.

Prior to check-in passengers will be asked if they are carrying this device and if so will not be allowed to check-in until the device has been removed from carry-on or checked luggage. It is the responsibility of the passenger to abide to these instructions and to divest themselves of the phone prior to check-in. Winair will not take responsibility of securing or storing device for the passenger until his/her return.

If at any time a passenger is being observed to be in possession of a Samsung Note7 device, they will be denied check in and/or boarding unless and until the passenger divests themselves and their carry-on and checked baggage of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 device. Passengers absolutely should not pack the phones in their checked luggage. Passengers who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of a catastrophic incident.

We recognize that banning these phones will inconvenience some passengers, but the safety of all those aboard our aircraft must take priority.

Passengers currently traveling with Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones should contact Samsung or their wireless carrier immediately to obtain information about how to return their phones and arrange for a refund or a replacement phone. Samsung has provided guidance for customers about refund and replacement options, as well as how to contact wireless carriers, at[external link]. Samsung is also answering customers’ questions at 1-844-365-6197.

Airport Road, November 11, 2016 – KLM and WINAIR have begun the process of expanding their business relationship in St. Maarten. The target date for implementation of code share agreement is scheduled for 2017. ”WINAIR currently enjoys a interline with KLM, one of the world’s premiere carriers, thru expansion of this agreement to a code share agreement both WINAIR and KLM will operate flights throughout each other’s route network offering greater benefits to our mutual customers, improving connectivity, adding destinations, pricing and ease of travel for customers traveling to and from the Caribbean, Europe and beyond.” stated Michael Cleaver President and CEO of WINAIR.

KLM visited St Maarten with an audit team of 4 people to perform a Code share audit to ensure Winair is in compliance with ICAO requirements. The KLM audit team was warmly welcomed and found Winair to be very transparent during the audit. Two Senior Auditors from the Corporate Integrated Safety & Compliance department were invited to the SMCAA to share thoughts on Regulations and Authority in general. As the code share agreement must be approved by both the St. Maarten and Dutch authorities this visit was highly appreciated by KLM and Winair.

Head of Civil Aviation Louis Halley, Michael Cleaver President & CEO of Winair with KLM's senior auditors Michiel van Hammersveld and Bob van Riemsdijk.


All operational disciplines of WINAIR were reviewed and audited by KLM to ensure WINAIR is compliant with ICAO standards. There remains additional regulatory issues ahead of WINAIR and KLM, approval from our respective Civil Aviation Departments, IT testing, fare structures for thru fares and implementation of the agreement. Once code share is attained this will greatly enhance service each airline offers to our customers, including seamless travel, additional options in travel plans and will offer greater value to our mutual customers.

KLM Auditors Michiel van Hammersveld, Herman Strating and Bob van Riemsdijk at work at WINAIR

Airport Road, November 24, 2016 – Winair has been granted a full Ground Handling Concession by SXM Airport, making Winair the second ground handler in St. Maarten.
Ground handling is commonly referred to as under the wing services, which includes baggage loading and off-loading, delivery of baggage to baggage carousels, Aircraft push back, lavatory services and water services.
“ Winair is proud to have been granted this concession, allowing us to compete in providing services to all users of SXM airport on a economic and service based scenario” stated Michael Cleaver, President & CEO of Winair.
Winair’s thanks goes out to SXM Airport, in particular Mr. Larry Donker, PJIAE Management and PJAIE Supervisory board. This concession is the result of two and a half years of negotiation between the Airport and Winair. Through granting this second Ground Handling Concession users of SXM Airport now have a choice in selecting this important and essential component of their airport operations in St. Maarten.

In picture from left to right:
Kenneth Kong – Winair Business Development Consultant , Winair Chairman of the Supervisory board George Greaux Jr., Winair CFO & Vice President Roberto Gibbs, Winair CEO & President Michael Cleaver, SXM Airport Acting Managing Director Larry Donker, SXM Airport Chief of Administration Migdala Artsen-Clarinda, SXM Airport Chairman of the Supervisory Board Gary Matser

Airport Road, November 04, 2016 – On November 04 2016, First Officers Achmed Gomez, Martin Derrick, Thomas Dubern and Alexander Spencer got promoted to Captain. A great achievement for these young aspiring pilots. They are a testament of our motto: "WINAIR does not hire first officers, we only hire future Captains".

Winair welcomes seven new First Officers Danielson Antoin, Neshomar de Jesus Anthony, Ryan Spencer, Malika Moiso, Kirk Fraser, Richard Johnson and Timothy Vaseur to their team.

“This was the largest group of captaincy upgrades as well as the largest amount of first officers hired in the history of Winair. Winair continues to grow in the region, we also celebrate our 55th anniversary in 2016. Winair has reason to be proud” stated Michael Cleaver, President & CEO of Winair.

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