The airline is adding ATR 42 aircraft to its fleet

Phillipsburg, November 11th 2013 – Windward Island Airways International (WINAIR) announced today that it will be adding additional aircraft to its fleet and 4 new destinations to its route map starting December 15th.

Soon the airline will receive leased ATR 42 aircraft with a capacity of 48 passengers. These ATR aircraft will be flying two of the new destinations that WINAIR will be adding to its routemap on December 15th, which are Curacao and Santo Domingo. Anguilla and Tortola will be serviced with the de Havilland Twin Otter aircraft,

making the schedule as follows:

SXM-EIS Departs 11:35 AM Arrives 12:20, DHC-600

EIS-SXM Departs 12:40 PM Arrives 13:30, DHC-600

SXM-EIS Departs 16:55 PM Arrives 17:40, DHC-600

EIS-SXM Departs 18:00 PM Arrives 18:50, DHC-600

SXM-SDQ Departs 14:30 PM Arrives 16:30, ATR

SDQ-SXM Departs 12:00 PM Arrives 14:00, ATR

SXM-AXA Departs 12:10 PM Arrives 12:20, DHC-600

AXA-SXM Departs 12:35 PM Arrives 12:45, DHC-600

SXM-AXA Departs 16:00 PM Arrives 16:10, DHC-600

AXA-SXM Departs 16:25 PM Arrives 16:35, DHC-600

SDQ-CUR Departs 12:00 PM Arrives 14:00, ATR

CUR-SDQ Departs 14:30 PM Arrives 16:30, ATR


By February 15th, 2014 WINAIR will be servicing the destinations of Dominica, Guadeloupe, and Puerto Rico via Anguilla. The schedule being as follows:


New Services Effective February 15, 2014,

PTP-SXM Departs 08:00 AM Arrives 10:00, ATR

SXM-PTP Departs 15:50 PM Arrives 17:50, ATR

PTP-DOM Departs 08:00 AM Arrives 08:30, ATR

DOM-PTP Departs 17:20 PM Arrives 17:50, ATR

SXM-DOM Departs 15:50 PM Arrives 16:50, ATR

DOM-SXM Departs 09:00 AM Arrives 10:00, ATR

SXM-AXA Departs 10:50 AM Arrives 11:00, ATR

AXA-SJU Departs 11:30 AM Arrives 12:30, ATR

SJU-AXA Departs 13:30 PM Arrives 14:30, ATR

AXA-SXM Departs 15:00 PM Arrives 15:10, ATR

“We are optimistic to announce our expansion program with additional aircraft and destinations” President and CEO of WINAIR Mr. Michael Cleaver said. “We are expanding our wings to new and existing destinations, giving the people of St. Maarten and the Northern Caribbean more destinations to choose from. These new services will also offer visitors more connection to more islands in the Caribbean using Princess Juliana International airport as a hub connecting with Europe, North America and South America.”

Mr. Cleaver also thanked the shareholders, Supervisory Board of Directors, management and staff that have made this expansion a reality.


Customers can contact their favorite travel agent, WINAIR or their website at for any additional information with regards to flights and bookings.

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